Saturday, 2 March 2013

Falling In Love

Into the arms of love, I fell
Like a restless maple leaf
That swayed with the wind
To be gently placed
On the Terra's warm shelf 

Into the depth of love, I fell
Like a solemn, dying fish
That let itself be drifted away
To be buried deep
Like a beautiful fulfilled wish

Into the abyss of love, I fell
Like the sightless from a cliff
Who believed to be led away
Into a brightly lit world
Where a new life breathed.

I fell; I didn't see but felt
For love wasn't the terrain
Neither was it the ocean bed
Twas a realm in an open heart
Where another blissful heart lived


  1. Beautiful as always.........falling for an open heart is a blissful feeling probably the apical emotion of man. I love how the verses are constructed and how the finale captures a whisk of the earlier verses, to enthrall the audience by drawing from the notion that 'falling in love' is intangible but truly emotive !

    1. Thank you for the positive feedback.. Helps me write more. It's a great feeling when someone understands the mind of the person with the pen.

  2. Of course, here it's the person with the fingers which type :P

  3. Most of us only fall in love, while the few lucky ones attain a much higher level...Beautiful one..:)

    1. Thank you, Richa :)

      One has to fall before one rises in love...