Thursday, 21 March 2013

Happy Me!

The hiatus is over. I know it’s too soon but this happens to be the maximum duration of my baseless gloomy spells. My secret shifters do work. When has the gloom ever worth the time it makes one waste? So the sooner it’s gone, the better it is. Today I’m insanely happy. Why am I happy?

Is it the silly jumping around the house with ‘Breakeven’ by ‘The Script’ playing in the background? (It makes me feel alive.)

Is it the facial in a beauty parlor nearby that burnt a hole in my pocket? (I look good to me though and I feel good too)

Is it because Mr. Pixie thinks he’s a dog and licks me whenever I touch him? (He is so adorable when he does that. His tongue is so tiny.)
My lil fur ball of joy!

Is it because of the wonderful book that I’ve been reading called, ‘Stillness Speaks’ by Echart Tolle? (It’s so positive)

Is it because these days I enjoy being the referee when my grandparents have their childish squabbles? (Seeing them get in touch with their inner child gladdens my heart)

Is it because a stranger I met in the supermarket thinks I'm a school going 'kid'? (Ah! What shall I say about the feeling! I almost squealed in delight.)

I don’t know what it is. What I know is, when life gives me a million reasons to smile, why not just smile and let go of anything that’s displeasing. This moment, I have one good reason to be happy, which is, I’m alive and can find a way out of my misery. My happiness lies within me. It’s just that I forget to look in there at times. When one finds the tranquility within, one can observe the happy world around. One can either choose that or open up the umbrella of gloom and sit beneath it. I think, when it comes to being happy or unhappy, we have a free will.

Oh yes! I know what happened! It rained yesterday! What else do I need to be happy? The perfect cocktail of joy for me is a blend of Rain, Einaudi and my Dreams.


  1. :) crazy!

    1. Thank you for stopping by, B :)

    2. I visit your blog everyday..somedays i have words to describe what i feel..someday its just smiles..and somedays..I just think its better to leave you the company of your emotions and thoughts..

  2. Welcome back :D :D and keep smiling :)