Friday, 26 September 2014

Twenty Fourth September

Opium Enchanted - 
You know, we're two crazy people who love to love and be loved, more and more everyday. Both loving and being loved are infinite loops for us. Not many can understand this and that is why we weren't loved back the way we loved, before 'us' happened.

Amy Black -
Yes. I am so glad I never stopped believing in your existence. The maddening search and pining for love is over. What lies in front of us now, is a beautiful life that needs to be nourished with unending, unconditional love, at all times.

Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Never Too Far Away

Betwixt the ocean of eternal love
Sometimes along its quiet shore
Betwixt the valley of red roses
Sometimes on the shivering leaves
Betwixt the promises of the clouds
Sometimes at the rainbow's end
Betwixt the golden tapestry of the sun
Sometimes etched within the lunar glow.
Seek and you will find me somewhere,
Here, there, never too far away.