Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Love Letter #7

Dearest B,

Shall I apologise first for being sceptical about surviving the distance between us or shall I tell you how much I love you? I needn't say anything for nobody, including me, understands my heart like you do. Living away from you isn't very easy. I go into frequent  gloomy spells. Sometimes I snap at the people around and at other times I am just indifferent. Now I don't intend to pity myself neither do I want to blame anything or anyone for this. It's just that, I wish you'd pacify me, tell me that it's all going to be fine soon. Wipe my tears when they don't stop on their own and stand by my side. I know, it is not easy for you as well. I promise, I'll be there when you get weak. 

Keep telling me, this is the last time we are apart. Keep telling me, we too would have a home to return to, wake up next to each other, have a family; our family and we'll have our happily ever after. I'll remind you the same when you miss us. I love you. 


A Grey One

She's tired of waiting for her life to be thawed and be infused with a soul. Why is bliss so ephemeral? Why doesn't it rain anymore? The air she breathes is laced with malice. She wishes to get into her cocoon and shut the world out but they won't let her... She wishes to be invisible and dreams about running away to a hilly place where it rains a lot. She wishes... she could open her heart to you, trust you with the most ridiculous ideas dancing in her mind over a bowl of mushroom soup and sleep as you read out to her. She wishes you're around for an eternity. Such selfish wishes! Not really. She keeps them to herself. Your happiness is all she seeks. With or without her by your side.