Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Seeking Solitude

Solitude used to be her constant companion once. They'd laugh together, cry together, write together and dream together. Life was a beautiful symphony with him. A little insane but mesmerising. She was never alone.
One day, the Soulmate came and Solitude walked away. She loved like she'd never thought she could love. She was enamoured by the Soulmate's resemblance to the image of the perfect partner she had conjured along with Solitude. She was ecstatic and didn't notice the disappearance of Solitude. The Soulmate infected her with bliss. The kind of bliss she wouldn't have known without him.
Paths diverged. Soon came a frightful pang of loneliness.
She now knows what they mean when they talk about being alone. She calls out to the happy Solitude but he has disappeared. He is a fragmented shadow in her scattered thoughts and apathy.
She has to find him. Wherever he might be. In the clouds or the meadows or perhaps basking in the sunlight on a beach. He might have wandered off to the hills or to the place where they spent the childhood watching the rain sing incessantly for days together. She has to find him.