Sunday, 21 December 2014


Feeble, unheard murmurs
Of a broken heart
Paved the way into
An eloquent silence,
An interlude
Between passionate kisses.

Her pain seeped out
Of the loquacious eyes
And percolated into his
Making him cry her tears,
The forbidden tears
Holding her unfounded fears.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Love Letter #3

Dearest B

I read somewhere that love is what is left behind when the spark fades. What I didn't know was it’s the immortal fire, the spark creates. The spark, thus, loses its identity to give way to something more significant and stronger. I feel that between us. The roots are entwined in a way that an individual existence is no longer possible. B, we have kept our promise to love each other more and more everyday.

We're officially engaged. I feel euphoric about this beautiful commitment band on my left ring finger. It’s the first thing I touch and look at when I wake up in the morning. My days hadn’t seen so much of sunshine before. May I say thank you, once again, for all the joy you have brought into my life, for being the beautiful dreamer I was looking for? All the gratitude will never be enough. So, I promise to let you have all of me. Today, tomorrow and forever.

I promise I’ll do my best to bring peace, harmony and happiness into your life, into our lives. I love you.


Thursday, 20 November 2014

Miles Apart

Spring will not blossom,
No rose will bloom,
Her heart will wither away
In the cold wintry gloom.

She'll die a little this day,
Every moment, everyday,
Her soul will know intense pain
And the dreaded color gray.

Miles apart, barely sentient,
She'll wait, she'll paint,
Happy pictures of togetherness
Till the numbing aches faint.

She'll know not happiness,
But the harsh chill of loneliness,
She'll pray he returns in the fall,
Before her life evanesces.

Friday, 26 September 2014

Twenty Fourth September

Opium Enchanted - 
You know, we're two crazy people who love to love and be loved, more and more everyday. Both loving and being loved are infinite loops for us. Not many can understand this and that is why we weren't loved back the way we loved, before 'us' happened.

Amy Black -
Yes. I am so glad I never stopped believing in your existence. The maddening search and pining for love is over. What lies in front of us now, is a beautiful life that needs to be nourished with unending, unconditional love, at all times.

Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Never Too Far Away

Betwixt the ocean of eternal love
Sometimes along its quiet shore
Betwixt the valley of red roses
Sometimes on the shivering leaves
Betwixt the promises of the clouds
Sometimes at the rainbow's end
Betwixt the golden tapestry of the sun
Sometimes etched within the lunar glow.
Seek and you will find me somewhere,
Here, there, never too far away.

Friday, 22 August 2014

When I Think Of You, I Think Of ...

Some nomadic kisses
A gaze so intense
Love, its incandescence
The laughter, the ebullience
That voice, it enthralls
Like the brightest petals.
Happiness galore
A sea without a shore
Unrestrained emotions
Flowing from the core
Enter sentience's open door.

In Your Absence

Like the tempestuous wind
To the tune of which
Dance a million leaves,
Memories of you, of us
Create ripples of bliss
In my convulsing heart.

Like the dew kissed moss
On a quiet, hidden path
Known to no bird or beast
Your heart, a sojourn of love,
With its myriad emotions
Mystifies my ebullient mind.

Like the floating wood
On the placid, crystalline lake
That kisses the reflected moon,
Thoughts embrace your image,
Its aura colored with a bright hue.
O Beloved, how I pine for you.

Monday, 4 August 2014

Love Letter #2

Dearest B,

You know, there's a very bright light inside you which overwhelms me... It's the light of truth and unconditional love. Love is a very contagious thing when it's pure, untainted with reason or prejudice. I wished for you, for a long time and the Universe let me have you. I knew you had stepped out of my dreams the first time I had a glimpse of your core - The real self which you were trying so hard to hide. A year has passed since we realized we cannot do without each other and the bond between us has got much stronger. You are my eternal muse, my happiness and the very definition of life itself. There's a strange quietness and tranquility in my life now. I wouldn't equate it with spirituality but I think your presence has made me a better person. Thank you for loving me.

Yours forever,

Beauty - Avisek Satpathy

Beauty, is not in a million bright halogen bulbs
But the same old sunsets and sunrises...
It's not in the velvet touch of the Italian marble
But in that cold stone where one sits exhausted..
Pearls, gold, diamonds, no, they don't have it
Like the twinkling stars illuminating the sky
And the incandescent light of the full moon.
That bottle of expensive fragrance isn't beautiful.
Beauty lies in the petrichor of the first shower
It's not in a five star hotel suite amidst champagne
But in a bowl of soup placed on an wooden table,
Relished with the beloved while the crickets sing afar
Beauty doesn't lie in what's apparent, what's elusive
But in the comfort of a warm, protective familiarity
For it helps to take off the facades of chaos and insanity.

Avisek Satpathy.

Thursday, 26 June 2014


She had seen six springs and wished to see more,
Dressed in the color of the hibiscus
Dancing to the different melodies of bliss,
Oblivious to the poisonous aura in the air,
Her laughter drifted like the gentle breeze
While her little fingers counted the cows 
Grazing in the tranquil vast meadow.
Her tiny lips would have uttered 'seven'
When a deafening explosion darkened the sky
The little bud was hurtled away from her Heaven
Into the murky realm of intolerable pain
When she opened her swollen eyelids
All she saw was dust, blood and the ash
All she heard were howling people in agony.
All she smelt was the stench of burnt flesh
All she felt was an unending insanity
Tears dried up in the fire of her soul's carcass,
Hopes crushed, dreams crippled,
Dreams of finding a beautiful paradise

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Inner Peace

It unlocked another Universe
Timeless and ageless,
A rivulet of ink flowed forming the words,
Words, that wrote the beautiful lyric
Of a strain that echoed
In pain's deepest, darkest abyss
Everything began fading
Atoms, thoughts, ego...
Everything that changed.
Left behind was its presence
A calm, luminous essence.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Death Of A Dreamer

Languid, gray eyes of the day look on
A breathless sleep is what she desires
The chains of fate break and surrender
For 'tis an unpleasant sight,
The heart broken dreamer.

That which doesn't forever sleep

The gentle love within her dreams
Flutters away to infect another life
For the shrine fails to hold it,
The restless essence of being.

Her laughter fades into the serene night

Her eyes that could speak, get distant
Sweet solemn spells of love live on though
For she had loved with a fervor,
Like a true dreamer.

She'll rise when remembered with love

Death would yield to her soft cove
She'll leave no footprints on the sand
For her invisibility will preserve it,
A heart full of pleasant dreams.


Vitriolic tears
Seep into the heart
Lingering, corroding,
Pulling love apart
While her drowning self
Frantically searches,
Reaches out to them,
The happy memories
That love built...
They drift out of her sight.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Love Letter #1

Dearest B

There is this one question you’ve asked me a couple of times which I haven’t answered properly. Why do I love you? I’ve usually answered it with more questions like, ‘Why do I breathe?’ or ‘Why does my heart beat?’ I don’t want to give mushy answers which might change when I get mad at you. So I’ll keep it simple and true. I've always loved the 10 years old child within me. She likes to play, be happy and live in the present. The child’s friends grew up years back and she sadly went into a cocoon. She couldn't find anyone who would relate to her and it was disappointing. Then you came, with the 10 years old self within you, alive and kicking, drawing the shy child out of her shell. 

B, what do you see in her eyes? What she sees in yours is a glimpse of her purest self.

I don’t love you because of what’s apparent like your charming smile, your perfect hairstyle, your height, and the sweet words that you say (though I like them very much). I love you because of the warmth your hand radiates when you hold mine. I love you because being with you is peaceful and I feel emotionally protected. I love you because you are real and not a figment of my imagination. I love you because you let me love you.

Will always love you... Till the end and beyond.


Friday, 14 February 2014

On A Day Like Today

A bright light unto eternity
The soulful music within me
Rekindling all the fading memories
Thy love seeps into my  reveries.

'Twas those times when I could smell the petrichor
Thy smile was this pessimistic lost soul's harbor 
Drear and comfortless, it surfaced out of its grave
Thy warmth engulfed it, made it strong, made it brave.

Autumn saw us basking in the joy of adolescent love
Every beautiful moment was a blessing from above
Mesmerising, hauntingly alluring were those promises
One of which was watching together countless sunrises.

Winter felt the chill despite the warm hearth
But if 'tis perfect it doesn't exist on earth
Closer the souls got, stronger the love grew
'Twas a togetherness lived by the blessed few.

Spring is coming, we have buried the withered flowers
Seasons shall not change anymore for us lovers
For the madness is gone, peace and bliss is left behind
The souls have blended, the roots are entwined.

My Valentine

He is...
The gentleness of the crashing waves
He is the sanity of chaos
The strain of silence
Joy of sorrow
Warmth of the chilly winds
He is...
The  beauty of all things
The protector of our secret realm.
He is me and I am him
He is life and death
Spring's purple wreath.