Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Death Of A Dreamer

Languid, gray eyes of the day look on
A breathless sleep is what she desires
The chains of fate break and surrender
For 'tis an unpleasant sight,
The heart broken dreamer.

That which doesn't forever sleep

The gentle love within her dreams
Flutters away to infect another life
For the shrine fails to hold it,
The restless essence of being.

Her laughter fades into the serene night

Her eyes that could speak, get distant
Sweet solemn spells of love live on though
For she had loved with a fervor,
Like a true dreamer.

She'll rise when remembered with love

Death would yield to her soft cove
She'll leave no footprints on the sand
For her invisibility will preserve it,
A heart full of pleasant dreams.

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