Friday, 22 August 2014

When I Think Of You, I Think Of ...

Some nomadic kisses
A gaze so intense
Love, its incandescence
The laughter, the ebullience
That voice, it enthralls
Like the brightest petals.
Happiness galore
A sea without a shore
Unrestrained emotions
Flowing from the core
Enter sentience's open door.

In Your Absence

Like the tempestuous wind
To the tune of which
Dance a million leaves,
Memories of you, of us
Create ripples of bliss
In my convulsing heart.

Like the dew kissed moss
On a quiet, hidden path
Known to no bird or beast
Your heart, a sojourn of love,
With its myriad emotions
Mystifies my ebullient mind.

Like the floating wood
On the placid, crystalline lake
That kisses the reflected moon,
Thoughts embrace your image,
Its aura colored with a bright hue.
O Beloved, how I pine for you.

Monday, 4 August 2014

Love Letter #2

Dearest B,

You know, there's a very bright light inside you which overwhelms me... It's the light of truth and unconditional love. Love is a very contagious thing when it's pure, untainted with reason or prejudice. I wished for you, for a long time and the Universe let me have you. I knew you had stepped out of my dreams the first time I had a glimpse of your core - The real self which you were trying so hard to hide. A year has passed since we realized we cannot do without each other and the bond between us has got much stronger. You are my eternal muse, my happiness and the very definition of life itself. There's a strange quietness and tranquility in my life now. I wouldn't equate it with spirituality but I think your presence has made me a better person. Thank you for loving me.

Yours forever,

Beauty - Avisek Satpathy

Beauty, is not in a million bright halogen bulbs
But the same old sunsets and sunrises...
It's not in the velvet touch of the Italian marble
But in that cold stone where one sits exhausted..
Pearls, gold, diamonds, no, they don't have it
Like the twinkling stars illuminating the sky
And the incandescent light of the full moon.
That bottle of expensive fragrance isn't beautiful.
Beauty lies in the petrichor of the first shower
It's not in a five star hotel suite amidst champagne
But in a bowl of soup placed on an wooden table,
Relished with the beloved while the crickets sing afar
Beauty doesn't lie in what's apparent, what's elusive
But in the comfort of a warm, protective familiarity
For it helps to take off the facades of chaos and insanity.

Avisek Satpathy.