Monday, 17 April 2017

When The Day Comes

The last breath, the last moment,
Before the eyes close to never open
Before the last leaf falls in Autumn,
On the last night, the last crescent,
Illuminates our lives together,
The laughter, the love and passion,
Veiled and unveiled by the clouds,
That hold the last drops of rain
To quench our souls for the last time
And when they descend, we ascend,
We rise in love, hand in hand,
Carrying everything that created us
Beyond all that's ephemeral,
Between the shadows and the souls.

Sunday, 2 April 2017


Yellow clouds, pink skies
And the bridge of love in Annecy
She smiles as the time flies
Its wings crimson, soft and lacy,
Her heart, azure and wise.

Vermilion peaks, green ice
And a bowl of pure bliss in Tawang
Assimilating with moist eyes,
She remembers a song she sang,
Long ago, with the butterflies .