Friday, 14 February 2014

On A Day Like Today

A bright light unto eternity
The soulful music within me
Rekindling all the fading memories
Thy love seeps into my  reveries.

'Twas those times when I could smell the petrichor
Thy smile was this pessimistic lost soul's harbor 
Drear and comfortless, it surfaced out of its grave
Thy warmth engulfed it, made it strong, made it brave.

Autumn saw us basking in the joy of adolescent love
Every beautiful moment was a blessing from above
Mesmerising, hauntingly alluring were those promises
One of which was watching together countless sunrises.

Winter felt the chill despite the warm hearth
But if 'tis perfect it doesn't exist on earth
Closer the souls got, stronger the love grew
'Twas a togetherness lived by the blessed few.

Spring is coming, we have buried the withered flowers
Seasons shall not change anymore for us lovers
For the madness is gone, peace and bliss is left behind
The souls have blended, the roots are entwined.

My Valentine

He is...
The gentleness of the crashing waves
He is the sanity of chaos
The strain of silence
Joy of sorrow
Warmth of the chilly winds
He is...
The  beauty of all things
The protector of our secret realm.
He is me and I am him
He is life and death
Spring's purple wreath.