Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Orange Paperboat

He is the paper boat
Orange coloured,
Blissfully unaware
Of the path he travels
Letting the zephyr
Decide his fate.
She looks on…
Distant and thoughtful
Orange is beautiful, she thinks
One of the seven colours
She possesses…
Whilst she wonders
If orange is the colour for her
The playful zephyr steers him away.

Sunday, 9 June 2013


They say four letters create the word 
A word that explains it well
Not enough...
'Tis a never ending tale
The tale of this fluttering heart.
How shall I put in words
A dream seen by the open eyes
A spell so delicately woven
One which never dies.
If I say, you are the sunshine
That brightens my world with its steady light
If I say, your presence creates the lost notes
That conclude my strains of love...
Not enough...
'Tis not enough to measure what's within
Words, they limit the flight of the heart
Yet I'll let them flow
Perhaps, someday...
Some of them
Some thoughts dipped in ink 
Will belong to us
It needn't possess you
Needn't infect you with euphoria
Needn't tell you anything but this:
The eyes which would look away
Will have a luminous light
That'll speak of a desire 
To hold you tight...
Greedily relishing,
The involuntary touch of moisture,
Speaking the muted words,
Quivering, parched lips
Will seek a soul dissolving kiss.

Words... they seem so insignificant
When it's about the depth, they'll be this poetess' fall
For the intensity of the unseen, unspoken shows her
They aren't enough...
Not enough to let you know
The dimensions her love can cover
The desire, pull, the bliss
Her restless soul feels
Uncountable ways of loving
The infinite wishes of togetherness
Not enough...
Words would never be enough.