Sunday, 28 June 2015

Twenty Nine

Leisure seems like a dreaded malady
Tonight, the soul cries,
The heart aches
Tears; they seep out stealthily
If only the mind knew why...
There’s love around, unconditional love
The fortress of affection stands strong
Where is it breached then?
For a million thoughts, a million emotions
Drown every alive and fluttering dream.
Time flies when it should crawl
And stops when it should fly.
With a part of the soul miles away,
Tis a struggle to find the drifting self
Lost in the dark, infinite vacuum.
It’ll live; the knowledge poisons romance
She wasn’t meant to be without him.
The heart wasn’t supposed to beat.
In this incomplete, hazy Universe
She shouldn't...
She can’t even finish her soliloquy.

Monday, 1 June 2015

Cardamom Plantations And Happiness

Spiraling up the mountain, like a wisp of smoke, were two euphoric souls
Their essence fluttered to the touch of the warm, pristine greenery,
Tall trees, their branches and leaves, swayed with the restless wind 
The wind that pushed the cottony clouds closer and closer to them.
Breathing in through that veil of clouds, their hands clasped tightly,
Spellbound by the drooping lilies, hundreds of white and red hibiscus
And the the aroma of the wet soil, the wet rocks,  the wet moss,
They discovered the source of magic; a sparkling stream of water.
She whistled a song, an elusive bird in the vast wilderness,
It echoed around the quiet valley, a melody never heard before,
'Twas gentle, 'twas happy, 'twas contagious like an infant's laughter.
Soon the crickets joined in to create the symphony of eternal peace.
The path kept getting narrower, the mist denser, the bends sharper,
They reached another part of the Elysian path, amidst the tea bushes.
He drew her closer; leaning on each other, they looked on in a trance,
While being whisked away into a love filled world, away from chaos,
Somewhere deep within the serene stretches of the cardamom plantations.