Sunday, 28 June 2015

Twenty Nine

Leisure seems like a dreaded malady
Tonight, the soul cries,
The heart aches
Tears; they seep out stealthily
If only the mind knew why...
There’s love around, unconditional love
The fortress of affection stands strong
Where is it breached then?
For a million thoughts, a million emotions
Drown every alive and fluttering dream.
Time flies when it should crawl
And stops when it should fly.
With a part of the soul miles away,
Tis a struggle to find the drifting self
Lost in the dark, infinite vacuum.
It’ll live; the knowledge poisons romance
She wasn’t meant to be without him.
The heart wasn’t supposed to beat.
In this incomplete, hazy Universe
She shouldn't...
She can’t even finish her soliloquy.

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