Wednesday, 17 April 2013

The Bride ( Written for a friend )

She glows in the light of serenity

As a heart full of love embraces her

Night gazes, clad in starlit placidity

Creating a portrait of them together,

Hands clasped, as she sees eternal bliss

In the incandescence of piousness.

The bond of love is sealed with hymns,

As the beautiful bride walks into a new life.

Friday, 12 April 2013

The Vow

A tantalizing touch
And fingers entwined
In the twilight dim
Under the spell
Of the divine Providence
In the midst of the bridge,
The Lovers' Bridge
Nestled in an aura
With the bright hue of love
Somewhere in Annecy
She stood, he stood
Looking into the depth
Of love, brimming
In those ecstatic eyes
An eternal vow was made
And sealed with a kiss
To be together, forever.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

From One Heart To Another

Whispers from deep, sway with the zephyr
When you breathe, do they whisper to you?
When I feel a void within, do you feel it too?
I seek a moment, one fleeting moment
To know that you belong to the sentient
To see my picture in your luminous eyes
Which light up with your spell binding smile,
Deliquescing my existence turned to ice.

When I look into the depth of emptiness,
When solitude talks about its quintessence,
Do you get lost in the silent reveries?
When my words speak of intense longing
Does an unrest claw at your being?
I wish for one moment, a fleeting moment
To capture a memory of you
From behind the veil of the ocular dew.

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Twin Souls

Million births, a million deaths
Uncounted heart beats
Incessant breaths
This arid journey would soon end
When our parched souls will blend.

Fuel of the dreams, of every beating heart,
The unconditional love kissed the earth
And melancholia embellished the azure sky
When the souls were torn apart
To watch life, its Delphian mysteries unfold,
To reach the destination left untold.

Friday, 5 April 2013

My Heart

Gossamery as the petals of a purple pansy
Seductive as the dew studded scarlet rose
Soft as the rain laden clouds above
Warm as the playful rays of the sun
My heart is the yellow bloom of Spring
The gray melancholy of the Fall
The retrospection of the Winter
The restlessness of  Summer
She’s an earthly, wise mentor
An airy, euphoric dreamer
A watery, emotional nurturer
A fiery, passionate lover.
She’s mysterious yet uncomplicated
She’s breakable yet indestructible
She's love, love is her, she's my heart.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

To Rain

She thinks of art and its eloquence
Of natures's hypnotic elixir
Of earth and its miraculous beauty, of ocean's cadence
Of zenith and nadir.
And then he comes along
To nourish her soul with his pristine love
To sing to her a happy song
He is the emperor of the sky above
A fragment of whose soul she holds.