Sunday, 7 April 2013

Twin Souls

Million births, a million deaths
Uncounted heart beats
Incessant breaths
This arid journey would soon end
When our parched souls will blend.

Fuel of the dreams, of every beating heart,
The unconditional love kissed the earth
And melancholia embellished the azure sky
When the souls were torn apart
To watch life, its Delphian mysteries unfold,
To reach the destination left untold.


  1. Rightly said... If I put it in one line, soul mates prepare us for the extremely overwhelming union with our twin souls...

    Soul mates teach us the essential lessons of existence... The most important being, self acceptance. Without it, we'll fail to recognise the twin soul.

    Also I believe, unrequited love, the agony that it brings along either scars one so badly that there is no healing possible or strengthens one in a way that it's impossible to get wounded again.

    Thank you for stopping by. :)

  2. There is just one place where we differ. I believe twin souls are the other halves, the missing piece of the puzzle of our souls. Everything begins and ends with them... Well, that's my belief :)

  3. What I believe is, when the souls aren't properly evolved, they might just pass by their twin souls without even a second glance... It takes a long time, many cycles of life and death, to master the lessons meant for every soul and find 'the one'.. When twin souls finally unite, they are liberated from this cycle.

  4. Likes repel, right? It's the same for the twin souls. The charge has to be neutralised on both sides to harmoniously co exist. Soul mates help in that.

  5. I'd like to correct myself regarding something... 'Time is an illusion'... Awareness can dawn upon at any moment.. So it'might' take a long time or no time at all. Now, I am happy with what I've written. :)