Thursday, 11 May 2017

The Mortal

Unravelled thread by thread
Love shrouding a betrayal,
It was never me,
Never the heart of glass,
That seemed alluring..
Twas an addictive clinging
That drew you to me. 
Paper, plastic, metal came in
Promising a world so bright,
When I stood in the quicksand
You refused to see my plight.
Now as it ebbs away,
All that was once sacred,
I burn to ashes, I turn grey,
And the red gets charred.
Go away, as far as you can
For you'll be blinded
When I rise again.

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Love Letter #8

Dearest B

The rain still loves me. It wets everything I see through my tear filled eyes. Is it alright if I be my irresponsible self? Is it alright if I run away just once, without letting the world know my whereabouts. The pain doesn't cease. I want to run away somewhere, away from you, away from me, away from the mundane life and do something that makes me happy. The city suffocates me. Every day I die a little. I thought, with you by my side I'd live through everything that is maddening. You aren't with me. I am not with you. It's just this unfriendly world. The hope drifts away. Patience wears thin. The world doesn't understand that I refuse to change. The need to preserve my essence is greater than all else. You must be wondering how is this a love letter. It is because I love you and won't run away unless you ask me to.