Friday, 17 May 2013

Heart and Mind

Wounded and defeated
Lying in the dirt
Soaked with sweat and blood
The heart tastes its salty tears
While the mind wanders
Around the battlefield
Assessing the loss...

The heart looks at the mind
Tear filled eyes apologize
'It's okay', the mind says
'You were just being you
Like I was being me.
Without our conflict
We'd have won'

'Not everything is gone'
The heart whispers
Shall we hope again
To fly to that terrain?
To work together,
To defeat one foe
At one time?'

The mind smiles
And blinks away
The moisture of pain.
'Yes, once again'
The Heart and The Mind,
Together they fly
Into the vermillion sky.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

An Apology

I apologise, I reach out to you
Uncountable times,
To relish the music in your words
To remind myself how it feels
With the eyes closed...
I apologise, I hold on to you
When sanity flees,
To feel the steady strength
In those words of kindness,
Words that rekindle
The spark of my essence
I apologise...
I am not good enough,
Like the first cloud in the sky
Yet I dare to love you
Without knowing why.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

To Destiny

Toxins infused into the veins
To corrode my sanity
Makes you glow with ebullience
Naïve Destiny...
When would you learn?
My soul is the epitome of resilience
My agony, my bliss aren't your identity
They belong to my freewill...
Tonight I bleed, I cry, I scream
Tomorrow I may be euphoric
But it shall be avenged a million fold
When I relearn to live, the way I love.
Your deceit is timed,
My soul is timeless...
The reasons to rejoice are countless.
Your toxins can’t corrode it
As the sane perception of irreversibility
Is non existent in this insane optimist...
Oh, when will you learn,
Naive Destiny?
What you haven't given
Is something you can't take.
Play around with everything else
Take me to the mountain peak
Push me into a bottomless abyss
I shall re-align with my essence
And forgive you, always.

Monday, 6 May 2013

Say Yes

Indifference kills love
It uproots it from its abode.
The soul wails in agony
Seeking the healing remedy.
The beholder sighs
Reading the pain laden eyes
Which believe in the dupery
That the cure to the misery
Is more of indifference
More of apathy.

If only the flame of love
Burnt long enough
It’d have been the gentle dove
Strewing the magic of peace
And the intensely hued bliss
Into the magnificent blue sky
Love, 'tis the enchanted prism
The colorless rays of gloom
Lose the battle within
And split into a vibrant spectrum.

Shall we believe in the prism

And thus ward off
The diabolical touch of indifference?

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Sun-Kissed Love

Not the silvery beam of the waning Moon
I seek the golden thread of the majestic Sun
To weave my arras of love

Luna enchants, romances the psyche
He is the muse, the poetry, the light
He is the desire of a loving heart
But he changes, slowly
Sometimes seducing the crescent lover
Sometimes the orb lover…
I may love all his forms
But the night he abandons the sky
Who’d hold me when I cry?

Eyes look down in reverence
The sky brightens with his presence
The reason a bard believes in eternity,
A poet believes in vitality,
The Sun smiles, quietly nourishing the Earth
Keeping the promise of togetherness
If I cry on nights without the luna above
He'll keep me warm with his gentle embrace
And help me weave my arras of love.

Friday, 3 May 2013

Cryptic Love

This naive heart of mine,
The purest part of me
Gets lost in memories and musings
Why do I feel something ‘twixt us
When there is naught I canst see?

I know, thou aren’t mine to love
Still they pull me back, the shadows.
Lips have turned pale and dry
Yet the soul, carrying a dream, wanders
Across the seas, the hills and the meadows.

Thy eternal redolence lingers around
Guiding me to that pristine isle.
Serene as the first drops of dew
That kisseth the delicate foliage,
My love spreads till the last mile.

A promise forbids me to speak of it
Often the unspoken renders divine bliss
My love is true, ‘tis immortal
Hidden deep in the heart’s chambers
Naught shalt unveil it, not even the death kiss.

The Muse

Intense and overwhelming
Shaping my existence
Why do I love you?
For I am the insignificant pebble
That you roll between your fingers
And toss away into the air,
In a bout of amnesia.
Perhaps I know...
So does this pen I hold
It’s those eyes, those oceanic eyes.
Deep within their luminous light,
I see my unborn child.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Sky and Him

The azure canopy whispered
‘I know thy secret,
O how poorly tis veiled’
Eyes moist with longing
She looked  into the sky
‘I love him, like I love thee
His kind eyes soothe my heart
Like the kiss thou plant on earth
His laughter reminds me
How to breathe, to live
Like the essence of a warm hearth
And that subtle smile...
I fall in love with him,
Again and again
Just like the pious rain
Is loved by the arid terrain.’