Tuesday, 14 May 2013

To Destiny

Toxins infused into the veins
To corrode my sanity
Makes you glow with ebullience
Naïve Destiny...
When would you learn?
My soul is the epitome of resilience
My agony, my bliss aren't your identity
They belong to my freewill...
Tonight I bleed, I cry, I scream
Tomorrow I may be euphoric
But it shall be avenged a million fold
When I relearn to live, the way I love.
Your deceit is timed,
My soul is timeless...
The reasons to rejoice are countless.
Your toxins can’t corrode it
As the sane perception of irreversibility
Is non existent in this insane optimist...
Oh, when will you learn,
Naive Destiny?
What you haven't given
Is something you can't take.
Play around with everything else
Take me to the mountain peak
Push me into a bottomless abyss
I shall re-align with my essence
And forgive you, always.


  1. "My soul is the epitome of resilience My agony, my bliss aren't your identity They belong to my freewill" Beautifully said.Whether someone believes in destiny or not, he/she has to work, apply body and mind to achieve his/her goals. WE MAKE OUR DESTINY. "your deceit is timed, my soul is timeless" well said. Naive destiny indeed. Another thought-provoking write.


    1. Thank you so much for your valuable feedback :)