Friday, 17 May 2013

Heart and Mind

Wounded and defeated
Lying in the dirt
Soaked with sweat and blood
The heart tastes its salty tears
While the mind wanders
Around the battlefield
Assessing the loss...

The heart looks at the mind
Tear filled eyes apologize
'It's okay', the mind says
'You were just being you
Like I was being me.
Without our conflict
We'd have won'

'Not everything is gone'
The heart whispers
Shall we hope again
To fly to that terrain?
To work together,
To defeat one foe
At one time?'

The mind smiles
And blinks away
The moisture of pain.
'Yes, once again'
The Heart and The Mind,
Together they fly
Into the vermillion sky.


  1. Reading this reminds me of a poem by Emily Dickinson

    Heart! We will forget him!
    You and I—tonight!
    You may forget the warmth he gave—
    I will forget the light!

    When you have done, pray tell me
    That I may straight begin!
    Haste! lest while you're lagging
    I remember him!

    Beautiful one Amy, Keep hoping and keep going :)

  2. Beautiful lines by Emily Dickinson :)... Thank you for the feedback , Richa

  3. When our spirit weakens, the same thoughts that used to strengthen us,turn against each other and its a massacre of wounded feelings, emotions. But as this poem tells, the bond between the heart and the mind can overcome anything and can rebuild fresh hope upon the war-torn spirit. beautiful words, beautiful imagery.

    Nilotpal Sarmah

  4. You're right, Nilotpal.... Falling down is inevitable. Mostly it's beyond our control... Thankfully, bouncing back is something left to us. No fall is so devastating that we can't get up. It is always us versus us not us versus the world.