Friday, 3 May 2013

Cryptic Love

This naive heart of mine,
The purest part of me
Gets lost in memories and musings
Why do I feel something ‘twixt us
When there is naught I canst see?

I know, thou aren’t mine to love
Still they pull me back, the shadows.
Lips have turned pale and dry
Yet the soul, carrying a dream, wanders
Across the seas, the hills and the meadows.

Thy eternal redolence lingers around
Guiding me to that pristine isle.
Serene as the first drops of dew
That kisseth the delicate foliage,
My love spreads till the last mile.

A promise forbids me to speak of it
Often the unspoken renders divine bliss
My love is true, ‘tis immortal
Hidden deep in the heart’s chambers
Naught shalt unveil it, not even the death kiss.

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