Saturday, 23 September 2017

24th September 2017

Autumn breeze...
Moisturised with
The rare incessant rain,
The yellow leaves...
Some adorning the trees,
Some lying on the streets,
Conjure a hundred tales
Of magic and miracles...

September is beautiful. You are one of its precious miracles. It took a lot of soul searching to find you. You are my 'Ikigai'. 

Happy Birthday!

Friday, 22 September 2017

Love Letter #9

Dearest B

We are doing well. You're handsome, lovable and so perfect. I am crazy as ever. Yes, we have survived the distance for 2.5 years. Half a year to go. Have I told you that I'm extremely proud of you? You're my hero. But I will not put you on a pedestal. I prefer clinging on to you like a baby monkey.

I love you.


Sunday, 6 August 2017

To The One In Sydney

Her: I would have gone crazy without you... 

Him: You are crazy like you've always been.

Her: Well, this is a good kind of 'crazy'. That'd have been bad...

Happy Friendship Day!

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Flower and the Fox

Fragrant flower, fragrant flower
Drenched in the twilight shower
Holding eternity in an hour
She stuns the fox in the bower.
user img
Solitary fox, solitary fox
He seeks the beautiful hollyhocks
While they smile at the paradox;
The mighty witches and warlocks.

Haiku Chain (5-7-5)


A tranquil cadence
Sea, its shimmering essence 
Sways to the silence


Wind and field whisper
Million sea thrifts shiver
Dreamy November


A lonely cloudscape
Shrouded in a soft black cape
Looks for an escape

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

On Losing Her

A lone tear,
A bit of his being,
The crevices of memories
And falls into nothingness,
Seeking her, yet again.
He lets go of the pieces
Of his broken heart
Clutching the remains
Of her fragrance
Ebbing away swiftly.

Dèjá Vu

The ocean crashes with all its might,
Upon the gigantic, steady rocks.
She basks in the tranquil moonlight
And counts five hundred stars.
As the children squeal in delight
She smiles and closes her eyes
For she recognises all of it,
The waves, the joyful laughter,
The crescent and the starry night,
The fragrant forest blossoms
And the distant blinking light.