Thursday, 31 January 2013

Love #2

Who’s a perfect soul mate? Don’t we ask ourselves this question often? But how many of us have a definite answer? I know, I don’t have an answer but let me just write down this soliloquy. Even if I don’t find an answer, I’ll know I searched. Whom can I love? A man with a high intelligence, emotional and spiritual quotient, power, good looks, wealth, good health, good upbringing, good etiquettes and the list goes on. Is he the right one? A man like that sounds interesting. But if I look for someone like that, I’m being selfish. Trying to look into my own interests. No, I need to bask in the glory of my own power and wealth, not someone else’s. Rest of the things are usually not noticed when it’s love. Not entirely though.

A few essentials are required. The first being, a matching wavelength of thoughts. No, not that. The ability to converse. The thoughts may vary but it’s essential to present them the way they are, in toto. They should be talked about the moment they come to the mind. Then comes the comfort while talking. Thirdly, a comfortable silence in the absence of conversations. This brings into the picture a lot of traits we look for in an ideal person. Trust, honesty, loyalty, respect and most importantly, an intense fondness. A good conversation is not possible without these characteristics lurking around. Not for me at least. Another essential requirement is empathy. I don’t need to explain why, for it’s a very powerful word which heals the world. Love sustains on it. It makes us human. Last but not the least is, the preservation of individuality or rather identity. Love and companionship is needed by everyone but is it the end of the world, the sole purpose of life? I don’t think so. The two people involved should understand this and encourage it rather than defining conventional roles for each other.

What did I leave? There is no Prince Charming who rides a black stallion and sweeps a Maiden off her feet. Those were the medieval times. There aren’t many damsels in distress these days. We take care of ourselves. All we need is someone to walk along side with, in the happy and the sad times. Someone who sees us at our best and our worst, yet knows,'this is the perfect person for me'. Someone who believes in mending things and not replacing them. Not too much to ask for, is it? 

Before I forget to say it, trust the inner voice. It's always correct.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Love #1

As Marko Saaresto of The Poets Of The Fall sings for a beloved, ‘all the way for you’, I can’t help wondering about love. Yet again. Since two decades, every moment that I’ve been awake, has been consciously or subconsciously, infiltrated with thoughts about love. What should it be, the perfect love? Why do we seek it? Would I feel the way the people in the movies and the books feel? Romantic love; is it everything or just an illusion to make reproduction look beautiful or probably a dignified camouflage for the desire to have a companion at all times (human beings are after-all the social animals)? I know I am complicating things here. I’ve read innumerable books, watched uncountable movies, talked to hundreds of people on love. It created many chains of thoughts. I don’t remember them now. I just remember the inference. Would it change? Probably. Who knows? Love wouldn’t change though and that’s why it is love in the first place.

Romance is an art. The muse for the artist, can be anything or anyone. At times it’s essential to light the fire of love. At times it paints an idea about love. At times it’s the motivation to love. But like all art forms, it needs a period of inactivity to ensure that things don’t get monotonous. Love, in all its forms, makes its presence felt in that period of inactivity. It’s the calmness, the inner peace and the zeal to live. It’s the happiness which radiates and is very palpable at all times. It’s when desires no longer exist. Be it be a desire for the approval and exclusive attention of a fellow being or the materialistic desires. Yes, that’s what love is. One needs to find out what one would love to love. Every person is different and every life is different.

About the romantic love between a man and a woman, I believe it’s not meant to complete the existence. It’s ideal when two complete individuals (ones who are in love with themselves and everything around) with a purpose in life come together to play Scrabble in silence everyday,  content to be with each other. When two individuals respect each other, understand each other, work together and do not define roles for each other. It isn’t too complicated, is it? Ah yes, the complicated part is recognizing the right person. I don’t know how others do it. About me, I’ll know when the person stands in front of me. The heart will know and it’ll feel right. The eyes, the windows to the soul, would seem familiar (I shall talk about this in a different post).

Saturday, 19 January 2013


Once a colourful sheet of canvas, painted with bliss
Tis now a tattered, flagrant art, kissed by the devil
Lured my soul away, those putrid, vile eyes
Into the realm of torn souls, where pure evil resides
Wails echoed around,  agony scarred  the existence
As twas pushed into the ocean of decadence
The paralyzed heart cried out in angst and despair,
‘If tis not enough,  tell me, I’ll cut myself to pieces,
Bleed enough to quench thy thirst.’
He broke the door of perception beyond repair
And sewed the eyes shut with nihilistic delusions
The void within became the furnace of hell
As fires of hate scourged through the veins
The lacerations of the heart began to bleed
My own reflection became the mayhem’s seed.
'Is this the beginning of the end?'
The heart questioned.
‘Let sanity seep in, I’ll save you from the plight’
Whimpered the mind, fragile and maimed.

Friday, 18 January 2013

My Beloved Musician

This poem is dedicated to one of the finest Pianists I know, Ludovico Einaudi. It's a dear wish of mine to listen to him perform live someday. Every time I listen to him, it feels I am in a different world. A world where no desires exist, no agony plagues the heart. A world where there is peace, bliss and contentment. A world of beautiful melodies, a world of intense love, a world which heals everything! Thank you, Mr Einaudi for touching and healing my Soul.

Gently caressing the black and the white
Infusing a tender and vibrant love  into them
His exquisite fingers radiated the divine light
Bliss was the ring, the soul of music, its gem
Sirius, Canopus, Rigil Kentaurus, stood blinded
For when the music flowed, million souls got lighted
Souls within the sentient and the insentient
They stood witness to the divine magic created.
His closed eyes seemed lost in an enchantment
Born out of consummation of music and love
Oblivious to the mesmerised, teary skies above.
While flowers blossomed, the leaves shivered
While the waves crashed on the quiet shore,
While the dark clouds thundered
While the breeze softly whispered,
An ancient secret to the trees and the creepers
The melody drifted, healing the heart’s painful spasm
Enlivening the soul, calming the mind, twas a divine orgasm.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

The Enigmatic Stranger

A fleeting caress of fine, white satin
On the soft, peach milk skin
Ignited the fiery passion within
Blinding the heart with its sheen.

An enigmatic stranger, charming and strong
Coaxed my jaded soul into a trance
Twas like coming back to life after long,
In the warmth of his loving embrace.

Like an umbrella with varied colours
Like a pillow with the softest feathers
His eyes seduced the love within me
To step out and see what he could see

‘Let me see thee, unveil thy face for once’, I pleaded.
As he pulled off the mask, the beautiful dream receded.
His touch, the memory of that face evanesced.
The fluttering heart and the wandering mind coalesced.

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Honey Bunny!!

You’re my Pumpkin Pumpkin
Hello Honey Bunny
I’m your Dumpling Dumpling
Hello Honey Bunny
Feeling Something Something
Hello Honey Bunny! 

That's the IDEA advertisement song.

It’s 15 minutes past midnight and I can’t help dancing to the beats of this silly song… And I’m no dancer. There’s something very cheerful and contagious about certain silly things. I get euphoric. Perhaps, they beckon the child within to sway to their silliness and the child absolutely loves it. At times, letting go of who we are trying to be and being someone lost in the silliness of something is like being on dope. A feeling that’s unbeatable.

Often the simplest things in life bring the greatest joy. We needn’t try hard to be happy. It’s here, there and everywhere. We just need to look and feel. Out there and deep within. A crazy song, a crazy slip of tongue, a crazy idea, a crazy smile or a crazy anything positive can brighten up a day.

Find something that makes you happy and enjoy that moment to the fullest. Forget about everything and be a child for once. Now about the song, I wonder who got this crazy but  sweet idea to make people smile. I love the way the singers say ‘Pampkin Pampkin’. Also the 'Dhumpa tupa' throughout the song is so hilarious. And how can I miss Toko Toko! That’s  the best part. I thought I’d die laughing. I need to resume dancing so I’ll stop here for now. I just love the beats! It's not always 'Primavera' or 'Le Onde' that touches the soul.

Teun Teun Teun Teun

Tring tring tring tring tring tring 
Hello Honey Bunny, Honey Bunny
Toko Toko!

Friday, 11 January 2013

An Embellishment Called Love

Once embedded, a gem, the vision of the arras called life
Fell prey to a sadistic barbarous knife.
As it tumbled down, losing its pious radiance,
Began an epoch of vile putrescence.
Shrill cries of  wrath and agony echoed within
Tormenting the helpless bleeding  heart.
For succumbing to pain was an odius sin
The arras and the embellishment had to part.

Enshrined by the filth, hidden from the eyes
The fallen gem awaited its splendor to be unveiled
Many souls passed by the huge mould of lies
Oblivious to the gem lying beneath, concealed.
The arras stood blinded, waiting to be healed
Few autumns passed, twas a never ending night.
Forces of nature took pity, pulled the gem into the light
Now the arras hopes for a miracle to restore its sight.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

The Dreamer's Dream

Faint glimpses of us
Gladdens my heart
Like the tranquil moon,
Its fleeting presence
When the clouds part
On a dark, stormy night.

Underneath the willow
On a huge boulder,
We sat by the river
Looking quietly into the night
As the flowing water sighed
Twas love at first sight.

In a rainy spell, we laughed,
The joy brightened the sky
Colouring the grey canopy
With soothing pastel hues
The moistened lips quivered
As we had the exquisite first kiss

Staring at the setting sun,
Beside the window we sat,
The vermillion sky witnessed
Our promise, to hold each other
In the warm embrace of love
Together, like the flower and its nectar

Seasons changed, time flew
The spirit of love remained.
We walked on a mossy path
Fingers entwined, souls smiled
Reflecting the bliss, the calm eyes
Spoke of a love that could engulf the skies.

We walked together, grew together,
Withered together,
Sitting beneath the willow,
On the huge boulder, by the river
After seven memorable decades
We held each other and slept forever.

Tis this dreamer’s dream,
To love and be loved
In a way that’s pious and true
Protected by the soul of the Nature
Blessed by the soul of the Universe
Nurtured by the souls of Love and the Lovers.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Something Good, Something New

A whiff of sweet rosy redolence
A glimpse of its orange hood
Twas familiar, that benign presence,
The presence of something good.

Bliss and a surreal romance
Twas nothing but true
 What began with a fleeting glance
Is the prelude of something new.

Enamoured of the titillation
In the pristine abode I stood
The heart sang with dreamy elation
It heard the whisper of something good.

They wiped off a stray ocular dew
The hope and the feeling so true
Grief, turned upon its heel to bid adieu
Knowing, tis the time for something new