Saturday, 19 January 2013


Once a colourful sheet of canvas, painted with bliss
Tis now a tattered, flagrant art, kissed by the devil
Lured my soul away, those putrid, vile eyes
Into the realm of torn souls, where pure evil resides
Wails echoed around,  agony scarred  the existence
As twas pushed into the ocean of decadence
The paralyzed heart cried out in angst and despair,
‘If tis not enough,  tell me, I’ll cut myself to pieces,
Bleed enough to quench thy thirst.’
He broke the door of perception beyond repair
And sewed the eyes shut with nihilistic delusions
The void within became the furnace of hell
As fires of hate scourged through the veins
The lacerations of the heart began to bleed
My own reflection became the mayhem’s seed.
'Is this the beginning of the end?'
The heart questioned.
‘Let sanity seep in, I’ll save you from the plight’
Whimpered the mind, fragile and maimed.

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