Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Love #1

As Marko Saaresto of The Poets Of The Fall sings for a beloved, ‘all the way for you’, I can’t help wondering about love. Yet again. Since two decades, every moment that I’ve been awake, has been consciously or subconsciously, infiltrated with thoughts about love. What should it be, the perfect love? Why do we seek it? Would I feel the way the people in the movies and the books feel? Romantic love; is it everything or just an illusion to make reproduction look beautiful or probably a dignified camouflage for the desire to have a companion at all times (human beings are after-all the social animals)? I know I am complicating things here. I’ve read innumerable books, watched uncountable movies, talked to hundreds of people on love. It created many chains of thoughts. I don’t remember them now. I just remember the inference. Would it change? Probably. Who knows? Love wouldn’t change though and that’s why it is love in the first place.

Romance is an art. The muse for the artist, can be anything or anyone. At times it’s essential to light the fire of love. At times it paints an idea about love. At times it’s the motivation to love. But like all art forms, it needs a period of inactivity to ensure that things don’t get monotonous. Love, in all its forms, makes its presence felt in that period of inactivity. It’s the calmness, the inner peace and the zeal to live. It’s the happiness which radiates and is very palpable at all times. It’s when desires no longer exist. Be it be a desire for the approval and exclusive attention of a fellow being or the materialistic desires. Yes, that’s what love is. One needs to find out what one would love to love. Every person is different and every life is different.

About the romantic love between a man and a woman, I believe it’s not meant to complete the existence. It’s ideal when two complete individuals (ones who are in love with themselves and everything around) with a purpose in life come together to play Scrabble in silence everyday,  content to be with each other. When two individuals respect each other, understand each other, work together and do not define roles for each other. It isn’t too complicated, is it? Ah yes, the complicated part is recognizing the right person. I don’t know how others do it. About me, I’ll know when the person stands in front of me. The heart will know and it’ll feel right. The eyes, the windows to the soul, would seem familiar (I shall talk about this in a different post).


  1. I am done with love and it really makes me laugh now reading anything about love :|....It's just an illusion and nothing more..(Just a personal thought...)

  2. I understand, Richa. But I'll be a little blunt here. It's not for everyone. It's the prerogative of the strong and the evolved souls... I've mentioned, it'll come in the ideal way, when you don't expect it to complete you. It comes from you and engulfs everything around. Not from someone else. It'll surely be an illusion till you don't understand this. Learn the lessons when you are disappointed and master them rather than wallowing in self pity.

  3. Don't expect people to love you the way you want to be loved.But love people in a way that'll make you happy. It's a great feeling when you know, 'that's the best way I can love' :)

  4. Love is like revolving door or like the passing seasons, it changes it's innate colors with age..........when you're oozing ripe in your 20s, you leave a trail of Nicolas Sparks books and movies, idyllic landscapes of romantic love and like Ted (Josh Radnor) in 'How I Met Your Mother', you scan the whole spectrum of women that fall in front of you, for that elusive soul mate........But the reality is that the hunter in you diminishes with time to accept the reality that romantic love is relative like most aspects of life, there is no ideal formula, just a feeling of mirth that comes from being next to someone.......a sense of completion, a blissful mutualism that engulfs your world even for that briefest of time.......