Wednesday, 16 January 2013

The Enigmatic Stranger

A fleeting caress of fine, white satin
On the soft, peach milk skin
Ignited the fiery passion within
Blinding the heart with its sheen.

An enigmatic stranger, charming and strong
Coaxed my jaded soul into a trance
Twas like coming back to life after long,
In the warmth of his loving embrace.

Like an umbrella with varied colours
Like a pillow with the softest feathers
His eyes seduced the love within me
To step out and see what he could see

‘Let me see thee, unveil thy face for once’, I pleaded.
As he pulled off the mask, the beautiful dream receded.
His touch, the memory of that face evanesced.
The fluttering heart and the wandering mind coalesced.