Thursday, 31 January 2013

Love #2

Who’s a perfect soul mate? Don’t we ask ourselves this question often? But how many of us have a definite answer? I know, I don’t have an answer but let me just write down this soliloquy. Even if I don’t find an answer, I’ll know I searched. Whom can I love? A man with a high intelligence, emotional and spiritual quotient, power, good looks, wealth, good health, good upbringing, good etiquettes and the list goes on. Is he the right one? A man like that sounds interesting. But if I look for someone like that, I’m being selfish. Trying to look into my own interests. No, I need to bask in the glory of my own power and wealth, not someone else’s. Rest of the things are usually not noticed when it’s love. Not entirely though.

A few essentials are required. The first being, a matching wavelength of thoughts. No, not that. The ability to converse. The thoughts may vary but it’s essential to present them the way they are, in toto. They should be talked about the moment they come to the mind. Then comes the comfort while talking. Thirdly, a comfortable silence in the absence of conversations. This brings into the picture a lot of traits we look for in an ideal person. Trust, honesty, loyalty, respect and most importantly, an intense fondness. A good conversation is not possible without these characteristics lurking around. Not for me at least. Another essential requirement is empathy. I don’t need to explain why, for it’s a very powerful word which heals the world. Love sustains on it. It makes us human. Last but not the least is, the preservation of individuality or rather identity. Love and companionship is needed by everyone but is it the end of the world, the sole purpose of life? I don’t think so. The two people involved should understand this and encourage it rather than defining conventional roles for each other.

What did I leave? There is no Prince Charming who rides a black stallion and sweeps a Maiden off her feet. Those were the medieval times. There aren’t many damsels in distress these days. We take care of ourselves. All we need is someone to walk along side with, in the happy and the sad times. Someone who sees us at our best and our worst, yet knows,'this is the perfect person for me'. Someone who believes in mending things and not replacing them. Not too much to ask for, is it? 

Before I forget to say it, trust the inner voice. It's always correct.


  1. Conversation forms the undulations which bridge two land masses of flesh and bones together………It is usually an isthmus kneeling in front of a bay, but the secret is that each land mass should know it’s coastline with a definite sense of self-assurance, the strengths and the flaws, the norms and the idiosyncrasies, how one sees life - as a weeping willow or a kookaburra, hopeless romantic or necrotized soul……….

    The beauty of conversation is that it passes on, in its crudest essence, the soul of a person in one's comfort zone, without theatrics in one's true native self.......You’re right though, a comforting silence is an important factor too. Maybe that’s why Ted Moseby in How I Met Your Mother(A self-confessed babbler and Neruda fan) is unlucky in his quest to find love :-)

    A good write - enjoyed it !

  2. Your words are magical! If only I could write like you... I haven't yet watched, 'How I met your mother' and you seem to be a big fan of the series. I'll have to watch it to understand the last part of your feedback :P

    Thank you. :)