Sunday, 3 February 2013

Without You

I’m nothing
Without the delicate piano notes
Without the beautiful poetry of love
Without the mesmerising raindrops
Without hope, without the dreams
Without darkness and the tears
Without my heart piercing screams
Without the fall and the rise
Without the tranquil moonlit night
Without fire, without ice
Without the soft kiss of peace
Without the scalding embrace of agony
Without the mountains and the seas
Without the touch, without the distance
Without the chaos , without the trance
Without  echoes, without silence
Without the sword, without the hymns
Without destiny, without the free will
Without the truth, without the lies.
Without the heart and the beats,
Without the soul and the songs,
Without the mind and the thoughts.
Without the life courting death
Without youth fading into a fossil
Without resurrection, without faith
Without vision, without serendipity
Without the form, without vacuum
Without insanity, without lucidity.
Without a presence, your presence
I’m nothing
Without you, without me, without us.


  1. I like your diversity in style - it's got a paradoxical tone till it's climactic ending........It's different from the rest of your works but it still possesses appealing qualities embedded in to its soul. My favorite line is 'Without youth fading into a fossil' - the hemorrhage of youth to the clutches of death is beautifully described here.......Do keep writing and sharing your work !

  2. Thank you once again.. It's still being edited. This is not my usual style of writing like you aptly pointed out so I am not too happy with it. It is raw. I wrote the thoughts in the mind the way they were. No embellishment, no modifications.