Friday, 8 February 2013

At First Sight

A lunacy invoked by its intoxicating charm
The celestial crescent, luminous and warm
Kissed the souls chosen by Providence
As the flowing breeze sang with ebullience

She stepped out, lost in the sanctum of her dreams
Walked on the cobbled path, illumined by moonbeams
Eyes closed, sitting on the park bench, he smiled
Relishing the whispering leaves waltzing with the wind.

She swayed and twirled, hands in air with swan-like grace
From the depth of her heart cascaded a beauteous strain
Enticed out of the meditation, he gazed at  her moonlit face
Like an ethereal figurine, she moved slowly in a trance.

His gaze touched her euphoric soul, she froze and simpered
Her dewy eyes met his, she knew, her elusive twin-soul breathed
He found it in her presence, a profound question answered.
The Evening Star witnessed as the cryptic love was unsheathed.


  1. Reading your poems seems to always enhance my vocabulary. It's pleasure as always. I am in ebullience now for the strain of your poem has infected my heart :-)