Wednesday, 27 February 2013

A Liquor Filled Chocolate

A Daedalean temptress,
Her pale caramel body
With the glaze of honey
And the feel of satin
Enshrined within
An ambrosial usquebaugh
An elixir in her hollow
That lulled every sorrow.

As the heat of desire
Seeped into her nucleus
She melted and blended
To create a calm vacuity
Transcending intense bliss.
She was possessed 
By a ruthless ravenous soul
That led to her empyreal fall.


  1. Mouth watering poem........I am enjoying some rum filled chocolates these days and I'm bound to remember your exquisite composition each time I open the fridge ! Welcome back to the world of poetry !

    1. Thank you... :)
      And I'd like some rum filled chocolates too :P... I absolutely love them... I was on a short hiatus, lost in the vacuity of my mind. It has a charm of its own. The silence pleases just like the words do.