Saturday, 16 February 2013


An amorous poetess, in her reverence, wished to create a sonnet
For a quixotic beloved, a wraith in a realm veiled by enthymeme
She poured out crimson love into the words and all that they meant      
Twas a beautiful night as the powdery moonbeam brought a rhyme
To a rhapsody created on the glass panes by the Heavenly lament.
Her sonnet connoted the plight of her lonely heart, a dear desire
To bask in the fervor of  a rare rendezvous of soul mates in love
The quill dipped in ink fell down as she got lured into somnolence
A lone tear seeped out of her eye, it kissed the parchment in trance
The sonnet came to life, he appeared, the anatomy of romance
He gently wiped the kohl that had trailed down with the lone tear
And placed a tender, soul dissolving kiss on her satiny raven hair
She felt it, the vow of love and a smile brightened her pretty face
His heart ached with longing, twas the beginning of a fervid romance
Like him, in some other realm, she saw him writing a love sonnet
She smiled and watched him write his words with intense devotion
The conspiring Universe convulsed with the overwhelming emotion.
The maiden stepped into consciousness, ‘Twas him, he was here’
She thought, while the inebriated melancholic poet turned around,
‘Twas her, she was here’, he whispered, kissing the parchment of love.



  1. Wow........what a breathtaking effort on your part - a divine poem and again it gives a trace of your magical imagination. A tear with a hint of kohl, spinning the spindle of life out of a parchment, is pure saccharine to the coir of the heart. Truly, one of your best works so far ! please keep writing !

    1. Thank you so much... Though what I write is nowhere near what you create with words - pure magic.. This one was inspired by 'A blues traveler', though the content is not related. It just made me want to write. So, thank you. :)

  2. It is indeed mesmerizing Amy....Loved it...