Thursday, 14 February 2013

On A Valentine's Day

Whilst I live another moment, another year, without thee
The voice within asks, why shouldst I know thee
Thou, fragment of my soul, wouldn’t thee be like me?
I canst breathe without knowing thee, but shalt not live
Without feeling thy touch, without feeling thy heart.
How wouldst the embrace feel, how sweet thy lips be
How warm thy presence feel when thou art with me
How wouldst the rain seem, soaking our souls wet with glee
How fast my heart would beat when thy palm clasps mine
What strain shalt seep out of our hearts, when we unite
I wish to feel thee, thy soul, to see thy eyes filled with desire
To call me thy own, to possess me with thy passionate fire
I summon thee hither, if thou shalt follow the path, brightly lit
For my heart wishes to feel thee before death kisseth it.

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