Friday, 15 February 2013

Rising In Love

Forbidden to fall
An angel bleeds
As the fiendish wire
Suspends her in vacuity
Cutting into her wrists,
Her delicate flesh
As her succulent lips
Murmur a name.

Why shall I fall?
She whispers to the sky
For my heart is pure,
Untainted as yours
Embrace me not
Do not pity my soul
For when tis the time
I shall rise, not fall.


  1. A superlative effort both in language and description. The first verse is pure magic and levitates spontaneously the mercury of one's lyrical barometer.........I have a question for you though - Doesn't man fall to rise, like in the instance of love ?........but then you're talking about an angel :-)

  2. Man does fall to rise but an Angel being closer to perfection isn't supposed to err... Well, that was the idea when I wrote this..
    The fall is needed for a man. What's love when you don't fall or get hurt or get plagued by its loss? Only then, the rise feels sweeter than everything else. Only then, you cherish and hold on tight to what you have.

    Thank you for the appreciation. :)