Thursday, 26 June 2014


She had seen six springs and wished to see more,
Dressed in the color of the hibiscus
Dancing to the different melodies of bliss,
Oblivious to the poisonous aura in the air,
Her laughter drifted like the gentle breeze
While her little fingers counted the cows 
Grazing in the tranquil vast meadow.
Her tiny lips would have uttered 'seven'
When a deafening explosion darkened the sky
The little bud was hurtled away from her Heaven
Into the murky realm of intolerable pain
When she opened her swollen eyelids
All she saw was dust, blood and the ash
All she heard were howling people in agony.
All she smelt was the stench of burnt flesh
All she felt was an unending insanity
Tears dried up in the fire of her soul's carcass,
Hopes crushed, dreams crippled,
Dreams of finding a beautiful paradise

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Inner Peace

It unlocked another Universe
Timeless and ageless,
A rivulet of ink flowed forming the words,
Words, that wrote the beautiful lyric
Of a strain that echoed
In pain's deepest, darkest abyss
Everything began fading
Atoms, thoughts, ego...
Everything that changed.
Left behind was its presence
A calm, luminous essence.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Death Of A Dreamer

Languid, gray eyes of the day look on
A breathless sleep is what she desires
The chains of fate break and surrender
For 'tis an unpleasant sight,
The heart broken dreamer.

That which doesn't forever sleep

The gentle love within her dreams
Flutters away to infect another life
For the shrine fails to hold it,
The restless essence of being.

Her laughter fades into the serene night

Her eyes that could speak, get distant
Sweet solemn spells of love live on though
For she had loved with a fervor,
Like a true dreamer.

She'll rise when remembered with love

Death would yield to her soft cove
She'll leave no footprints on the sand
For her invisibility will preserve it,
A heart full of pleasant dreams.


Vitriolic tears
Seep into the heart
Lingering, corroding,
Pulling love apart
While her drowning self
Frantically searches,
Reaches out to them,
The happy memories
That love built...
They drift out of her sight.