Thursday, 26 June 2014


She had seen six springs and wished to see more,
Dressed in the color of the hibiscus
Dancing to the different melodies of bliss,
Oblivious to the poisonous aura in the air,
Her laughter drifted like the gentle breeze
While her little fingers counted the cows 
Grazing in the tranquil vast meadow.
Her tiny lips would have uttered 'seven'
When a deafening explosion darkened the sky
The little bud was hurtled away from her Heaven
Into the murky realm of intolerable pain
When she opened her swollen eyelids
All she saw was dust, blood and the ash
All she heard were howling people in agony.
All she smelt was the stench of burnt flesh
All she felt was an unending insanity
Tears dried up in the fire of her soul's carcass,
Hopes crushed, dreams crippled,
Dreams of finding a beautiful paradise

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