Saturday, 22 September 2012

The Truth

Behold the azure veil, the heart canst feel its secrets,
Secrets lost to mortality, lost to the scratched mind
Mindlessly wandering for ages, their eyes blind.
'Who am I and why am I here?
Why wouldn't I be there forever? '
'I', the greatest illusion living,
Haunting the soul, the agony never ending
Is the abyss of insanity
A dream stretching infinitely.
Wake up; thou art not alive in dreams
When thy soul is bound by deafening screams.
Feel thy heart, listen to it speak
Aren't the words, the only truth?
Concealing the mystical paradise
Visible only to the enlightened eyes
Release thy soul from the bondage.
Salvation; it's here and now.
Help thy mind understand the mirage
O wanderer in the obscure maze.

Thou Art Mine

Unutterable love touched my heart
In the silence of solitude, when I met thee.
Love was thou, or thou, love
Was a beautiful mystery to me
My soul gazed into thy depth
And felt the gorgeous dewy morn
The pious hymn brought along a faith
Faith, which could never be gone
An innocent love swayed to a muted strain
Knew not the poison of pain
Time froze, no moment passed by
There reigned a passion so insane
Thou art miles away, still I feel you in me
Eyes can't see you but we meet
Every moment in my dreams
This love of mine is bathed in sanctity
Love, know it, feel it
When thou art there my world is lit
Listen and touch the notes in my entity

Thou art my heart, thou art my soul
Thou art mine for eternity. 

Friday, 21 September 2012


Whilst the moon gets possessed by her tranquil light,
Her laughing eyes mesmerize the darkest night.
The earth feels the warmth of her benign presence,
Every soul surrenders to her pious luminescence.

Once a pilgrim, she's the Goddess of the unknown,
Once a dreamer, she's the dream of every dawn.
She walks on the path seldom taken,
Known by the mortals, 'the mysterious maiden'.

Her soft touch takes in the most excruciating pain,
The aches inside, come out, as she feels the rain.
She heals with her words, the broken and wounded
She haunts the hearts and minds of the blinded.

She holds the joy of living in her eyes,
She strews the fragrance of peace into the skies.
She dances and sings; believes not in tomorrow.
Forever euphoric, she knows no sorrow.

She's the bloom of the Spring and the calm of Autumn,
She's the darkness of eclipse and the scorch of the sun.
A lot of orange, a bit of yellow and some electric blue,
Touching her heart, she says, 'I'm always with you'.