Tuesday, 8 January 2013

The Dreamer's Dream

Faint glimpses of us
Gladdens my heart
Like the tranquil moon,
Its fleeting presence
When the clouds part
On a dark, stormy night.

Underneath the willow
On a huge boulder,
We sat by the river
Looking quietly into the night
As the flowing water sighed
Twas love at first sight.

In a rainy spell, we laughed,
The joy brightened the sky
Colouring the grey canopy
With soothing pastel hues
The moistened lips quivered
As we had the exquisite first kiss

Staring at the setting sun,
Beside the window we sat,
The vermillion sky witnessed
Our promise, to hold each other
In the warm embrace of love
Together, like the flower and its nectar

Seasons changed, time flew
The spirit of love remained.
We walked on a mossy path
Fingers entwined, souls smiled
Reflecting the bliss, the calm eyes
Spoke of a love that could engulf the skies.

We walked together, grew together,
Withered together,
Sitting beneath the willow,
On the huge boulder, by the river
After seven memorable decades
We held each other and slept forever.

Tis this dreamer’s dream,
To love and be loved
In a way that’s pious and true
Protected by the soul of the Nature
Blessed by the soul of the Universe
Nurtured by the souls of Love and the Lovers.


  1. and dream it is..G..
    you are painter when it comes to words..you simply create a picture and give it life with your words..