Friday, 12 April 2013

The Vow

A tantalizing touch
And fingers entwined
In the twilight dim
Under the spell
Of the divine Providence
In the midst of the bridge,
The Lovers' Bridge
Nestled in an aura
With the bright hue of love
Somewhere in Annecy
She stood, he stood
Looking into the depth
Of love, brimming
In those ecstatic eyes
An eternal vow was made
And sealed with a kiss
To be together, forever.


  1. Pont des Amours (Bridge of Lovers) is a real iron bridge in Annecy, France designed by Charles Galletto in the 20th century. It links Jardin del' Europe to Paquier... Legend says, if a couple kiss in the midst of the bridge, their love remains forever.

  2. You're very welcome...
    I've heard of Pont des Arts in Paris and it's indeed impressive... I haven't been to the Pont des Amours yet... but soon, very soon, I'll be standing right in the middle of the bridge looking into the sky :)
    And then I'll be striking it off my wishlist.