Tuesday, 9 April 2013

From One Heart To Another

Whispers from deep, sway with the zephyr
When you breathe, do they whisper to you?
When I feel a void within, do you feel it too?
I seek a moment, one fleeting moment
To know that you belong to the sentient
To see my picture in your luminous eyes
Which light up with your spell binding smile,
Deliquescing my existence turned to ice.

When I look into the depth of emptiness,
When solitude talks about its quintessence,
Do you get lost in the silent reveries?
When my words speak of intense longing
Does an unrest claw at your being?
I wish for one moment, a fleeting moment
To capture a memory of you
From behind the veil of the ocular dew.


  1. Although this sounds like a love poem, I interpret it as a poet's expression of delight every time she beholds her muse. A poet can derive countless thoughts from an object, and can transport those thoughts into a fantastical realm where even the inanimate objects come to life, speak to us or just enchant with their presence. This is a brilliant write that is open to different interpretations. This is my interpretation because this is exactly how I feel when something fascinates me.


  2. A poet's world is a beautiful world... It welcomes everything into it, gives life to the insentient and the bliss that it gives is immeasurable...

    Thank you so much for the feedback... It's much appreciated :)