Monday, 25 March 2013

From The Depth Of My Heart

If I never find you, my love
If I never find the lost fragment
Of this restless soul.
If I don’t hear the voice
I so dearly wish to hear
If I don’t palpate your presence
If I don’t hear your heartbeat
If I don’t hold your hand
Draw invisible pictures
With my finger, on your palm
If I don’t sing to you
The songs in my heart
If I don’t hold you tight
When fear pulls me apart
If life drifts to its winter
Without a glimpse of you
If you being mine, only mine
Someday, somewhere, very soon
Is a figment of my imagination
It’ll still be worth it.
Dreaming about finding you
Hoping to be close to you
Smiling all the while I wait for you
For I believe in you, I believe
Someday, somewhere, very soon
You and us together will be true
Because I love you.


  1. Amen to that - The wait and the castles you build inside the heart during the time alone are cherished from the bottom of the heart.......You'll know when Eros's arrow finds its way to your heart.

    1. And I hope it's soon... Thank you for the feedback :)