Thursday, 7 March 2013

Light Of Sirius

Tresses like midnight, cascaded down
Her hypnotic brown eyes looked on.
Sere woods guided her pious presence
Into the depth of its austere calmness

Her ruby lips whispered a sacred orison.
On her heart, delicate fingers rested upon
The gleam receded when her eyes closed
Lost in a trance, the light of life froze.

The soul, liberated from her divine asylum
Told her tale to the valiant, odorous gale
His melodious words echoed around the vale
Promising to carry her to the hidden realm.

He whisked her into the realm, blissful and bright
All along, it was her; she was the immortal light,
Its fragment, exquisitely veiled by the human eyes.
As they blended; it erased the pain, the memories

Bathed in the divine luminescence of the Creator,
The brightest star of a galaxy held her in its core
For she had mastered her lessons in life to be whole
Twas time to master death and be a part of vacuum.


  1. It's a masterful creation ! I would love to reincarnate to a star ! Your poetry is blazing out of the milky way, embellished with an arcane strain, to conquer other galaxies of poetry ! Do keep writing !

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words of appreciation :)