Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Chaos And A Wishlist

An hour back, a beautiful idea seeped into my mind which could have inspired my next poem. By the time I switched on the computer and clicked on the Microsoft Word icon, it evanesced… I am a little restless. Not because my idea deceived my memory. There are a lot of things happening or rather not happening. Leisure is bliss though too much of it makes me paranoid. I blame the idiotic medical education system of India for causing the restlessness in me today. No, not just today but everyday since the last four months. (Four months? No. Since forever). This is where I should scream or binge on a lot of pastries and break my ‘Eat Healthy’ promise to myself. I’ll stop cribbing now before the negativity takes over my mind. I believe, the unpleasantness just magnifies and suffocates a happy heart when the mind over analyses or is obsessed with it.

What’ll make me happy right now? Since I am typing already and am too lazy to do anything else, I think, I’ll make a list of the wishes that should come true before I turn 30.

1. I’ll open my heart yet I’ll NOT fall in love

That’s it! That’s the only thing that comes to my mind right now. That’s what delayed exam results do to people. But you know what; there could have been worse things to bring about unhappiness in my life and I'm glad it's just this.

*After 30 minutes of introspection and playing Criminal Case on Facebook*

My mind is calmer now as I am a little sleepy. Or am I sleepy because the mind is calmer? That’s an after effect of the chaos. I’ll add some more wishes to the list.

2.   I’ll sleep under a tree in Cote d’Azur
3.   Wander aimlessly on the streets of Paris
4.   Write poems in Giverny
5.   Day dream in Provence
6.   Find a lost love in Annecy but WON’T fall in love
7.   Sing the songs of Evanescence in front of a nice crowd
8.   Look for an 'ek mukhi rudraksh' in the forests of Arunachal Pradesh
9.   Meditate for an hour in the Mawphlang forest in Meghalaya
10. Visit the Buddhist monasteries in Tawang

Hope you are listening to me O Soul of the Universe… I have these wishes and a deadline. Please make them come true.

Time to sleep.

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