Thursday, 6 December 2012

The Knight Speaks

A ballad of death filled the breeze
And I swayed to the mournful strain
The Elysium or thy beautiful eyes,
With many a sparkling amethyst,
What was it that eased the pain,
I wondered with a silent mirth
Whilst thou smiled touching this soul
Dragging me to the life’s pelagic coast
Thy sapphire eyes reminded me of us
Bound together many billion years ago
Tell me my Healer, my Moon Maiden,
How canst I let it be clouded by doubts
Or let it fade into the sky of oblivion?
I know not how to sing a love ballad
Know not how to weave magic with words
To sweep thou off thy feet.
My fair maiden, what shalt calm the unrest
Troubling thy pious essence,
This knight knows naught.
I have not got too many words to say,
These are the only ones I have.
Eternity is something I cannot promise
But I promise to protect thee, 
Cherish thee, as long as I breath.
I promise to love thee, only thee
Like the soul of air, fire, earth and water
Like the presence and warmth of the sun,
Like the soulful strains of nature,
Like the  pious hymns,
Like the dreams, like the nothingness,
Like the solitude, like the togetherness.
Not for an eternity, O Enchantress,
But for a moment beyond eternity.


  1. usual..
    the Knight finally speaks..he says he cannot weave magic with words..yet he creates a world..for his maiden!
    soul of fire and water...
    solitude and togetherness..some words they have an effect on this humble reader of yours. G...! B

    1. I'm so glad, Anonymous Reader, that you liked it.... Thank you so much for these kind words of appreciation. The Knight spoke but the story doesn't end here... I'll follow their journey together till the end of their lives.