Saturday, 8 December 2012

The Perfect Kiss

Deep woods, a mossy path, the moistened breeze,
Violets, dew drop kissed,
'Tis a sweet September.
The gurgling river, frolicking butterflies,
A vast green enchanting meadow,
A  walk together.
Twilight phantasm or the true paradise?
Created by the dark clouds and the slight thunder.
Under the tree bowers and the vines twined together.
His hands, with infinitesimal tenderness
Hold my fingers and draw me closer
Those chocolate brown, love filled eyes
Hold the soul captive, the mind sighs,
His warm breath thaws the frozen heart.
‘Never again shall it be cold,’ he whispers
Looking deep into my eyes.
'Because it'll stay here, now and forever'
He touches his heart.
As his lips gently kiss mine,
We feel the approving divine sign.
The first drops of rain step down
Blessing this moment so pristine.
Overwhelming, mystifying, pacifying.
Tears cloud my sight, spill out,
Masked by the fa├žade of rain.
He tastes it on my lips, the salt
And gently cocoons me in his arms,
Craddling my head against himself.
‘We’ll always have this moment’,
He promises and kisses me again.
‘Tis the perfect kiss
The absolute bliss.


  1. I was lost reading this, lost in the dreams :-)...

  2. Eternal Dreamers, aren't we, Richa? I believe, dreams reassure that a beautiful reality exists.... It's just a matter of time and faith...

  3. Yes, absolutely..I hope our dreams do come true, sooner or later..Gos Bless.

  4. Amazing..Beautiful..splendid..description..
    Flawless in every aspect...a Kiss couldnt be better than this...where souls touch..and find bliss together..

  5. Thank you so much, B... Your words are always kind and encouraging... :)