Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Love Lost?

From her shrine of lilies, she rose
A maiden, a very beautiful prose
Walked the empyreal path of love
Putting a spell on the glum sky above
‘Cry’, she whispered,'let it all out’
‘Mourn not silently, my beloved’
‘Give away the ache, give away the doubt
 And come back from the land of the dead.’
As her seraph lover stirred,
The grey melancholia thundered
Twas an agony one had never heard.
Dark canopy of clouds stretched above
As he questioned his heart
If twas indeed her, his essence, his love.
The Enchantress smiled
She kissed away his tears and said,
‘Where wouldst I be without thee?
How canst our souls be torn apart?
Look within, my Love
I’d always be in thy heart’
Her words were the melody of a dream.
That comforted his soul in the twilight dim.


  1. ah..the aching heart...just what I attract every time! fated.

  2. Don't worry... An aching heart just makes you stronger... An aching heart appreciates the love which comes to heal... An aching heart makes you love with an intensity and passion that is not possible otherwise... An aching heart when healed is much wiser and much more capable of compassion and unconditional love... An aching heart is closer to the higher power and hence is protected... :)

    An aching heart definitely heals someday, never to be broken again! :)

  3. shouldnt time be the one which makes him realise that her love is true...why does the "enchantress" have to work this hard...let him suffer more..make the reward worthwhile..

    but these thoughts apart, it was nice..simple..and impressive..:)


  4. Dear B,
    The Enchantress is an illusion... I talked about her rising from her shrine. She's dead. It's the bereaved lover's mind that is seeing the dream. It's his mind telling him what he already knows. Just that, it's wearing the facade of the dead Enchantress... :)
    Thank you once again for the feedback.

  5. Also, you might like to ponder over the last two lines :)