Sunday, 30 December 2012

The Dark Maiden

I am not a maiden who pines for her knight,
Disrupt my peace and I’ll seize your sight.
Touch the dark side, I’ll annihalate your soul,
Whoever you are, you will decay as you fall.
For venomous is my dagger, cold is my heart
A word of malice and you will be ripped apart
Shrouded by magic, I am the epitome of power
Not colourful but the black immortal flower.
Desire is my slave and death, my mate
I am the darkest night who decides her fate.
My smile brings in the winter chill,
Creating  a frozen realm
My slumber, brings in the blossoming spring
A cheerful, happy dream.
O malevolent mortal, I see through you
I would ravage your life, if you are untrue.


  1. G..its dark..and in a can actually feel that fire which says it will burn everything..if its ever meddled with..
    Keep writing..this one is surprising..and a change from your usual style..

  2. B... I'll take that as a compliment :P... I had read somewhere, a woman of peace,a woman who loves and nurtures, with a sword in hand is the most dangerous being :)... This poem is for cosseting that alter ego. Furthermore, a little change from the usual is always pleasant..