Thursday, 29 November 2012

Happy and Free!! Finally!!

It’s over! It’s over! It’s over! 2012 is over for me. My self imposed, year long house arrest is over. My time being grumpy is over. The anxiety period is over. The uncertainty is over. In other words, the bloody post graduate entrance examinations are over!  I’m not going to be a zombie anymore, I have liberated my heart. Yes, you heard it right, my heart, you can speak now for it’s time for the logical mind to take rest and watch you have fun.

What shall I do now? I’ll begin with laughing and crying out loud for everything that happened in the last one year. It was difficult not reacting to anything but I did it. Whenever the heart wanted to talk about pain or wished to do a ‘Mr Bean’ dance, the mind would ask it to shut up and not distract it from focussing on the vision. At times the heart would get upset with the mind and the mind, after a lot of pleading would let it write something or listen to some music. Was that difficult?  Yes!

What next? I’ll have a talk with the knight and convey his message to his lady love (that’s going to be my next poem). I WILL get the guitar repaired, learn it and sing to my heart’s content. Then I have a huge list of books to read. Oh yes, I’ll go out often. To Full Cirle, Café Turtle and the Daryaganj Sunday Book Mart. Heavenly places they are. I’ll be meeting my soul sister, friend, guide and philosopher, Mayurakshi Ba ( you call ‘Ba’ to an elder sister in Assamese) and resume those never ending conversations over the phone with all my good friends.

Soon my brother would be home and we are going to have so much fun. Bake a lot, eat a lot, sing a lot, record a lot and of course talk a lot. After a really long time, the whole family would be together this Christmas and New Year eve. After ages, I’ll have no sword hanging over my head during the festivities. Ah! I’m euphoric!! Time to pack my bags for I’m flying off tomorrow to meet my extended family.

Hold on, hold on! The best part of this day was, as I stepped out of the examination hall, the winter rain, the lovely fragrance of the flowers carried by the chilly wind embraced my soul and thus approved of my freedom and happiness! I am glad my year ended this way. I don't know about the results and the next course of action. For a change, they don't matter. The next month would be definitely better. Cheers to life and the joie de vivre!


  1. Congrats!!!!!! Finally you are a free bird now!! Have loads of fun :) :) :)

    1. Thank you , Rebel... Just trying to live in the present... It's so much better