Friday, 23 November 2012

The Rain - An Orison

Emperor of the pristine isles,
'Twixt the azure paradise.
Undying is thy redolence,
Thy resplendence mists all eyes.

Immortal as the Asphodel,
Enchanting as the amethyst
For aught I know thou light the Soul
Thou art the purest, the divinest.

Chrysolites kisseth the mazarine seas
Ferns and creepers dance in ecstasy.
The seranades fill the abode of peace,
As the mind wanders into a fantasy. 


  1. Each line create a beautiful the mind..a happy soul singing out..smmiling..while she praises the beauty inside and out of her..
    A heart that choses to run wild with the wild horses..
    Eyes..which now span the horizon and more..
    Resplendent as usual G!

  2. Dear Anonymous Reader,
    Thank you so much for the kind words of appreciation... Rain, is my first love. I'd just wither away if it doesn't come and caress my soul often... The Spirit of rain completes me. I am glad you could see what I could. Thank you for the correction as well.