Saturday, 24 November 2012

It Remains...

Touch the reins of solitude,
It doth speak.
Unseen orb of the eclipsed sun,
Doth live...
Often souls feel,
The melancholic notes of a lost strain
The wounds might have healed,
The memories remain.

Faint fragrance of the roses linger,

Even after they wither,
Moulder, go away forever.
Love, that's drowned
In the divine ocean of hearts,
For ages remains...
Felt; never put in words,
Yet it remains.


  1. Yes, there isn't much we can do or say... I lost my beloved Granny yesterday. This one is for her... She is not here among us anymore but she lives on through all of us...

  2. Sorry for your loss. And completely moved by the feeling you wrote it with. It always will remain with you.