Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Divine Love

She walks by, one Autumn morn,
Blowing a kiss to the silent sky
Swaying to a long lost song
Here she comes, one, who is like none.
She watches the memories drifting along
Once again, an enchantment is born
Her eyes, the mysterious seas glowing,
Smile, as the dark night is gone.
Inhaling deeply, she feels the life flowing
Love; it's there, far yet near
'Where art thou? '
She whispers to the wind blowing
It's something, she has always known.
The Autumn rain caresses her
It brings about a serenity
Soothing an ache, a longing, a fear
The fear of drowning
In the ocean of insanity.
She stops as her search is over
And there he is, with her, smiling
Her twin soul for eternity.


  1. I thought that the Knight was going to reply, however this one is a sweet surprise..
    I like how you create the pain and fear and at then give the balm which drives them away..also how you develop the character's mood and the emotions running inside the heart mill.
    Keep writing, lady...the best is yet to come!
    but this was good..beautiful as usual..:)

  2. Dear Anonymous Reader,
    The Knight will reply very soon... He's just making sure he speaks his heart out well... Thank you for the appreciation.

  3. yes..I am eager to know what the knight is going to whisper into the heart of the maiden which would soothe the fires of doubt..
    will he be able to create a shrine which would ease the pain inside the maiden's mind..
    keep writing dreamer..

  4. Aha! That's very inspiring for the Knight... He expresses his gratitude for helping him in this quest... The quest to conquer the Maiden's heart... ;)