Saturday, 22 September 2012

The Truth

Behold the azure veil, the heart canst feel its secrets,
Secrets lost to mortality, lost to the scratched mind
Mindlessly wandering for ages, their eyes blind.
'Who am I and why am I here?
Why wouldn't I be there forever? '
'I', the greatest illusion living,
Haunting the soul, the agony never ending
Is the abyss of insanity
A dream stretching infinitely.
Wake up; thou art not alive in dreams
When thy soul is bound by deafening screams.
Feel thy heart, listen to it speak
Aren't the words, the only truth?
Concealing the mystical paradise
Visible only to the enlightened eyes
Release thy soul from the bondage.
Salvation; it's here and now.
Help thy mind understand the mirage
O wanderer in the obscure maze.


  1. I read a small Russian fable in the novel "The Marriage Plot" that the author had stated from Tolstoy's "A Confession". It goes thus:

    A man is running from a monster and jumps into a well. As he is falling, he notices, a huge alligator with its mouth open, waiting for its prey at the bottom of the well. Thankfully, the man sees a branch on the wall of the well and holds on to it. The monster is above, and alligator is waiting below. The man then notices that two mice are nibbling at the branch and it will eventually fall off! He then gets distracted by a drip of honey at the other end of the branch and he tries to lick it off with his tongue!

    that's a human life! we know everyday that any moment we may inch closer to death, everything is temporary, we are all alone...but we try to distract ourselves from this inevitability through pleasures (read 'the honey'). It's an absurd fable, but so profound. The illusion of life. your poem reminded of that.

  2. A delightful fable indeed! The 'honey', I believe is an illusion too... But going after it makes us human!It's only human to want, experience and hold on to things. Like everything, it has a good side (the motivation to live) and a bad side (greed and expectations). Even asceticism has a negative side from where I see... 'One can't be human if one hasn't lived all the emotions'. The best part about it(the realization of the truth) is, it empowers one to view things and emotions more subjectively. It brings about a balance.

  3. The more u try to simply life the more u complicate it... The truth about salvation is to fully live n enjoy the journey....Or so I believe..

  4. Well that is absolutely true.... living in the present and making the best out of it is what I think would make the big picture beautiful... And uncomplicated too